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      The first international health project that Kiwanis and UNICEF under took was Iodine Deficiency.  They were successful in wiping goiters and other iodine deficiency related medical problems.
      Now they have teamed up again to wipe out the deadly Maternal Neonatal Tetanus (MNT). This soil born disease kills 60,000 innocent babies and 100 million mothers must be immunized.  In industrialized countries babies receive the inoculation routinely, but in third-world countries, this inoculations for $1.80 will protect the mother and all of her children for life. plus provide health education for the mother.  The $1.80 is worth the health education alone!
       A baby infected with MNT goes through a horrible death.  The baby can't stand the touch of its mother.  The mother can't hold her baby through this disease.  The baby has to be kept in a dark room because it can't stand exposure to light.  It goes through such strong convulsions that bones are broken or tendons are broken.  Two injections for the mother will eliminate this pain and death for her baby.
      Our club has made a commitment, called an Eliminate Model Club, to support the Eliminate Project with a sizable contribution. Our goal is to raise $37,500.00 between January 2015 and December 2019.  This is a loft goal, but this is a large project.  Fifty-nine countries were infected with MNT, but that number have been reduced currently to 24 countries. As of January 10, 2017 we have raised $28,511.68.
       In December 2017, the Philippines has eliminated MNT!  The Philippines represents the third country to eliminate MNT in 2017, following Ethiopia and Haiti, and the 24th country to achieve elimin-ation since Kiwanis International began The Eliminate Project partnership with UNICEF.
       This feat was not an easy one.  In 2015, 16 of the 17 regions of the Philippines had been validated for MNT elimination. However, health workers faced challenges reaching many communities in the last remaining region, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, as many are geographically isolated or affected by conflict.  Despite the obstacles, mothers and babies in the Philippines are now protected from this terrible disease.
      The following are some links with more information about the Eliminate Project.

Eliminate Project Progress
Map of Countries Infected and Eliminated
March 21, 2016 Campaign Update
Maternal Neonatal Tetanus Information

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