Updated 6/8/2019

The Vision of the Rapid City Club

“Continue to grow an energized, active and visible club, involved in the multi-generational lives of the community, which continues to support the Objects of Kiwanis.” 

June Speakers
Guests Are Always Welcome

       We meet at noon in the meeting at the Golden Corral Restraunt on Tuesdays.
      June 11 -- The Division Leadership Team will be making their final visit.    
       June 18 -- June Beason, Blankets for Vetrans
       June 25 -- Jerry Right, a 70 year old, will talk about his experience of
                        returning to college to receive a doctorate degree and his reasons
                        for that decision at his age.

May Service Projects
  - Contributed $5.83 to the Women's & Children's Home for an annual total of $43.96.
  - Donated $102.50 to the UNICEF/Kiwanis Foundation Eliminate Neonatal Project for an
    annual total of $2354.31.
  - Provided $1,109.53 in shoes and stockings to school students in Rapid City Area Schools.
  - Donated 6 hours to Black Hills Rapids Soccer.
  - Donated 6 hours as an advisor to a Kiwanis Service Leadership Club.
  - Donated 3 hours helping clean Dinosaur Park.
  - Donated 35 hours to Habitat for Humanities.

More Information

Annual Club 2017-2018 Service Report

     Our club monthly makes a report of contributions, fundraising, and service projects in our community to Kiwanis International.  An annual summary of those reports appears on the page entitled "Annual Report."  

     If you haven't viewed our club's annual report yet, you must.  I want to hit the high points to emphasize how important this civic club with the mission of "improving the world one child and one community at a time."  The Rapid City Kiwanis Club has

  •  donated 1099 volunteer hours to the community of Rapid City;

  •  completed 101 different service projects in the community of which 20
    20 were completed by the student Service Leadership Clubs;

  •  donated $13,135 to community groups to help youth;

  •  through the involvement of 150 club members providing 1006 volunteer hours and the help of 65 West Middle School Builders Club students.


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