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An Education & Recreation Park
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DSC00218      The 9.7 acre park is part of a 160 acre homestead of William and Mary Hall in the 1800s.  In 1952 it was given to the city for a park and it laid at rest until 1999 when the Kiwanis Club of Rapid City and the Kiwanis Club of Rapid City Westside took on the project of developing an environmental science learning park for children.  The project was under the direction of Tom Allen, a Master Gardner. A lot of work had to be done to clear years of under growth and to prepare it for the park's development.
      Flower beds were established, a native wildflower area was planted, trees planted (some of which are labeled with names), benches installed, and eventually a shelter and pubic restrooms installed.  The Circle K Club installed a children's book exchange and in the Fall of 2014 playground equipment was installed by the Kiwanis Club of Rapid City (now merged with the Westside Club).
       The park is used extensively by the science teachers of West Middle School who have seen a fox, a red heron, a large turtle in the park, and they have studied the macro invertebrates in Lime Creek which runs through the park.  A jogging/bike path also goes through the park and there is a large area which would accommodate a baseball game or a football game. But nothing will match its beauty as demonstrated in the following photos!

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