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Page updated 5/18/19

Guest Day

       If you would like to learn more about Kiwanis, a special guest day is being held on July 31 at the Golden Corral Restaurnt on 1180 Lacrosse Street.  We gather at noon in the meeting room across from the dessert area at the south end of the building.   As our guest, your meal is provided.  Call our secretary Vern at 890-0387 or leave a voice message.  We'd love to tell you how and we "improve the world one child and one community at a time" and you can help.

Shoe Project


       We thank Payless for their support of the Shoe Project for 13 years, and we are saddened with their nation-wide closing.  The transition was made in March.  Starting in April with the cooperation of the Rapid City School District Title I Program, Target and the Kiwanis Club, a new procedure was implemented for purchasing shoes for students in need.  Instead of the past one hour purchase time, the procedure allows those invited receive a written  invitation from the school which is presented at Target. The parent and K-8 student can present that invitation at the store any time during the month that the store is open and pick up their shoes and a package of socks.  A high school student only needs to take the invitation and the student ID card.  It is hoped to get better participation and more shoes on the feet of more students who need them than the one hour after school shopping time did.
        April was not a record breaking month with 55 attending throughout the month for a total value of $1969.08.  Thus far this school year, 565 students have received a new pair of shoes and a week's worth of clean socks for a total value of $12.829.23.


                   A New Builders Club Started

      A new Builders Club started at Southwest Middle School.  A group of students had been informally been gathering doing service to commerate the memory of two former students who had been lost through an accident and illness.  The Kiwanis club had been working with the school administrator to establish a Kiwanis Builders Club with the hopes that it could merge with this group and add the leadership component.  A staff member already had volunteered to be the school advisor and a Kiwanis club also had a Kiwanis advisor.  The charter was completed and the two advisors were discussing plans when one students knocked on the door interrupting the meeting saying they were wanted in the library.  The students and a parent were ready to get the Builders Club started with the groups of students the next week!  The parent, who was one who lost a daughter, had heard about our work from the principal, and was ready to make the merger happen!! 
      Since that time two meetings of the club have been held and three activities are planned for the summer.  The club will have a booth to introduce the club at the back-to-school day.  An open house introduction to the parents and students was held on August 27 and 28 new students signed signed up for the club in addition to the original 8 students that were in the club that merged with the Builders Club.  This makes a nice size club to start the year.  Thanks and appreciation to Principal Lindsey, School Advisor Fred, Kiwanis Advisor Kathleen, and Parent Stacy.

       Work continues in trying to start a Key Club at Stevens High School for the students moving from the Builders Clubs at West and Southwest Middle Schools to continue their experience in Sponsored Leadership


                   West Middle School Builders Club

      Hat Day was a huge success.  The club raised $206 to be used for our spring project.  We also had a good night at the Family Service night.  The weather kept away a lot of the crowd but the Builders who signed up to work all made it!  Two of the Builders made a little flyer to hand out.  There were a lot of folks asking the kids about builders.  We also signed up two new members.  We raised $44 dollars raffling off the Kiwanis Club advisor's donated wire bracelet.  The club talked about using that for an incentive prize for the best canned food sculpture if we end up doing that within our school (since the district wide middle school plan didn't work).
      At their last meeting of the year, they planted flowers around their school sign and learned some things about gardening.


                                  The Eliminate Project

       The South East Zone of Nigeria and the Punjab Province in Pakistan have been validated for MNT elimination.  Kenya completed a valid-ation survey in March and will release a state-ment about the results in the coming weeks. 
        As of May, The Eliminate Project has collected $78,450,477 in cash gifts. Babies in 13 countries are still at risk from this excruciating, deadly disease.  They're relying on Kiwanis to fulfill our promise to help eliminate MNT.  Cash gifts ensure that UNICEF can carry out immunization campaigns. 
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